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Stonechip Shield Grey Aerosol 600ml

HMMSCSBG600 Stonechip Shield has the following specifications:
Pack type: Aerosol.
Size: 600ml.
Colour: Grey.

£6.00 incl VAT

CRITERION™ U-Lock 270 x 104 x 16mm

The Master Lock CRITERION™ U-Lock designed for cycling enthusiasts by guaranteeing the highest level of protection against theft and providing the best resistance to all possible levels of aggression. An extra thick 16mm hardened steel shackle with specially treated finish delivers a high level of cut resistance.

The dual locking mechanism ensures endurance against prying and pulling, whilst the 7-disc security cylinder provides high protection against picking. The lock has a cap to prevent corrosion. Supplied with a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure. Sold Secure Bicycle Gold certified.

£61.00 incl VAT

Green Jerry Can - Metal 5 Litre

Size: 5 Litre

£16.00 incl VAT

Waste Oil Pan 8 Litre

This oil pan is ideal for drainage, short term storage and transportation of oils and other waste liquids.

Capacity: 8 litres.

£20.00 incl VAT

P38 Easy Sanding Body Filler Tin 2.25 Litre

U-Pol P38 Easy Sanding Body Filler 2.25 Litre Tin.

£33.00 incl VAT

Belt Oil Filter Wrench (Truck)

The Britool E200219B strap wrench for HGV filters will fit most oil filters on HGV from 110 to 165 mm.

£18.00 incl VAT

P38 Multi-Purpose Body Filler Tin 600ml

P38 Multi-Purpose Body Filler Tin 600ml

£13.00 incl VAT

De-ionised Water 25 Litre

Size: 25 Litres

£9.00 incl VAT

Metallic Car Wax PTFE 500ml

Turtle Wax Metallic Car Wax + PTFE is the perfect wax for metallic finishes. It contains ultra-fine polishing agents and waxes that clean and enhance paintwork and provide long-lasting protection against the elements. Added fluro polymers (PTFE), increase durability and non-stick water-repellence.

The wax enhances the surface gloss level and its easy-to-use formula requires no hard buffing to remove and leaves no smears or streaks.

Size: 500ml.

£5.00 incl VAT