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9120 Oil Filter Wrench chain strap 120mm Cap 1/2in Drive

This Teng Tools Oil Filter Wrench has an all-steel chain for the effective removal of spin-on type oil filters.

Supplied with a 1/2inch drive carbon steel adaptor.

Capacity: 120mm.

£8.00 excl VAT

U.48PB Oil Filter Wrench

The Facom U.48 automatic oil-filter wrench allows fast working in even the most congested conditions. Optimised automatic tightening saves time and the strap torque control offers the optimum ratchet effect.

Suitable for removing cartridge filters, oil filters, pneumatic filters and hydraulic filters.

The FCMU48PB Oil Filter Wrench has the following specifications:
Filter diameters: 66 - 105 mm.
Weight: 285g.

£65.00 excl VAT

Concentrated Antifreeze - Blue 4.54 Litre

The D/ISHA4 is a concentrated all year round protection anti-freezing liquid type with low freezing point, designed for all engine types including full-aluminium ones.

This D/ISHA4 S Hook 4.5 litre blue liquid protects the cooling systems against damage by freeze to -36 degrees Celsius and corrosion. Also the S Hook D/ISHA4 will keep you car cooler in summer months, so getting all year round protection for a great low price.

Antifreeze blue is the optimum composition of top grade ethylene glycol, combined with treated, de-mineralized water and high-performance additive package that prevents formation of rust and scum.

The S Hook antifreeze will protect and help to prolong the pump bearing service life, prevent water pump seizure and other rubber parts of the cooling system from dry out and cracking.

D/ISHA4 Antifreeze blue is notable for its high heat-transfer capacity, low viscosity, excellent detergency.

4.5 Litre
Passes BS6580 1992.

£18.00 excl VAT

BH33000 Axle Stands 3T (Pair)

Bahco BH33000 Axle Stands with click positioning system and extra large feet area which improves the stability as well as prevents the unit from sinking down into the ground.

Sold in pairs.


Maximum Load: 3 Ton.
Maximum Height: 425mm.
Minimum Height: 288mm.
Weight: 7kg.

£53.00 excl VAT

Tyre Lever Chrome Plated 24 x 1in

This Tyre Lever is 24in in length

£3.00 excl VAT

Bottle Jack 2 Tonnes

The FAIAUJACBOT2 Bottle Jack has the following specifications:

Capacity: 2 Tonnes.
Minimum height: 181mm.
Lifting height: 116mm.
Adjusting height: 48mm.

£15.00 excl VAT

Cable Puller (Hand Operated) 2000kg

The FAIAUCABLE2 Cable Puller has the following specifications:
Maximum load: 2 Tonnes (2,000kg).
Cable length: 3m x 4.8 mm.

£24.00 excl VAT

Hydraulic Trolley Jack 1.5 Tonnes

The Faithfull FAIAUJACTRO15 is a light-duty hydraulic Trolley Jack featuring large front wheels and rear swivelling castors with a large saddle to aid accurate placement under the vehicle and to ensure a firm seating. It is fitted with an overload protection system for added safety.

Manufactured to EN 1494 specifications.

Capacity: 1.5 Tonnes (1500kg).
Height range: 128mm- 300mm.

£33.00 excl VAT

Claw Lifter

StahlwilleFlexible claw lifter with a length of 525mm, 7mm diameter and with an ergonomic handle.


Length: 525mm.
Diameter: 7mm.

£40.00 excl VAT