Axes & Splitting Wedges

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M-X17 Splitting Axe 1.57kg (3.4lb)

The Fiskars M-X17 Splitting Axe is ideal for splitting medium logs, 20-30cm.

Blade Hardness: 55 HRC.
Length: 599mm.
Weight: 1.57kg (3.4lb).

£53.00 incl VAT

Gorilla Splitting Maul 2.7kg (6lb)

1 x Roughneck Gorilla Splitting Maul 2.7kg (6lb)

£41.00 incl VAT

Splitting Axe Ash Handle SUS 2.0-800 2.4kg

The Bahco SUS splitting axe has a wedge-shaped axe head which provides easier penetration when splitting wood apart. The curved ash handle with 8 mm suspension hole which is secured by a jagged carbon-fibre wedge and an additional metal ring wedge.

Weight: 2.40kg
Length: 800mm.

£58.00 incl VAT

Log Splitting Maul Hickory Shaft 2.7kg (6lb)

The Faithfull FAILSM6 Hickory Shaft Log Split Maul has the following specifications:
Length 82cm (32 inch).
Weight 2.7Kg (6lb).

£29.00 incl VAT

Felling Axe Hickory Handle FCP 2.3-860 3.0kg (6.6lb)

Bahco Felling Axe with a Hickory Handle for felling trees and cutting off branches from felled trees. High quality, hardened tool steel blade securely fixed to a first-grade hickory handle.

The blade is made of high quality hardened tool steel according to DIN 7287,Class B, and the blade surface is fine polished in full. The handle,which is marked as professional, is made of first grade white hickory and is pressed into the eye with a black hardened wedge.

Suspension hole for easy to hang storage.

Weight. 5lb. (2.25kg.).

£56.00 incl VAT

Hickory Axe Handle 915 x 68mm (36 x 2.3/4in)

Length: 915 x 68mm (36 x 2.3/4in)

£12.00 incl VAT

XXS-X5 Camping Axe 480g (1.05lb)

The Fiskars XXS-X5 Camping Axe is the perfect axe for hikers and other outdoor activities which require a small, light tool that can be easily carried in a bag or on a belt. The new (patent pending) 3D grip impoves user safety by offering greater control in use. It also helps to deliver more power, due to less focus on holding the axe.

The axe features the perfect balance between the head and shaft for the most safe, comfortable and efficient use when chopping wood or during other cutting activity. The axe's ultra light and durable FiberComp™ handle minimizes fatigue and makes the axe virtually unbreakable under normal conditions.

Its optimal anti shock surface structure ensures a comfortable, firm grip while the hooked end of the handle prevents the axe from slipping. This small axe packs a hefty punch when chopping wood and doing other wood preparation tasks.

New 25 Year Warranty.

Fiskars offer the best in class, in Europe, for premium axes. To speed up the claim process, your receipt acts as a certificate, upon registering online. Registration also allows you to access a guide on use, tips & tricks online.

£33.00 incl VAT

Maul Hickory Handle LS-Masse-4 4.3kg

The Bahco LS-Masse Maul/Sledge Hammer is ideal for driving poles and for forcing wedges into hard-to-work types of wood. The head is made from high-quality tool steel, flat on both sides. The straight ash wood handle has a 8mm (European standard) suspension hole for easier hanging on the wall.

£32.00 incl VAT

Splitting Maul 2.0kg (4.1/2lb)

The Roughneck Vintage Splitting Maul has a head made from high quality alloy steel that has been heat treated and tempered for longevity. With a fully polished, clear lacquer finish for anti-rust protection and a sharp edge for easy cutting.

The handle is made from 100% genuine American Hickory, FSC® 100%. The hickory has been smoke treated for moisture resistance and is fixed to the head with a steel and wood wedge for a very secure and safe fixing.

Certified to DIN and GS standards.

£46.00 incl VAT