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Heat Sealing

We offer a complete heat sealing service enabling the 
personalisation of your garments by applying logos and 
lettering to your exact requirements.
Text and logos can be reflective, flame retardant and 
supplied in various levels of durability subject to your 
requirement and usage.

Embossing & Branding
Personalise your protective safety helmets with 
embossed images and logos. Apply your company logo 
or create your own bespoke message to fit across a 
number of locations on any hard hat. Ideal for improving 
easy identification of key members of staff and providing 
a clear and direct advertising space for promotional 
events and campaigns.

Embroidery Service

Customise your clothing and work wear with your own company logo. Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of locations on work wear, leisurewear, head protection and many other items of professional clothing.
To give a long lasting, high quality logo the use of durable stitching via a computer controlled process ensures that precision, quality logos are applied repeatedly.
For more specialist clothing; Flame Retardant stitching is available along with a wide selection of thread colours to create any logo you need.