Breaker Points and Chisels

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11220 Brick Bolster 100mm (4in)

1 x Footprint 11220 Brick Bolster 100mm (4in)

£9.77 excl VAT

1236 Brick Bolster 114mm (4.1/2in)

The Footprint 1236 Brick Bolster has additional ribs spreading down the sides and the centre of the blade for added strength and a longer life.

Width: 114mm (4.1/2in).

£11.92 excl VAT

1860 Grooved Plugging Chisel

1 x Footprint 1860 Grooved Plugging Chisel

£6.87 excl VAT

1861 Grooved Plugging Chisel With Guard

The Footprint 1861 Grooved Plugging Chisel is supplied with a British made high visibility, high quality protective plastic moulded grip.

£9.89 excl VAT

578 Scutch Comb Holder 25mm (1in)

Footprint 578 Scutch Comb Holder 1in

£11.37 excl VAT

Black Protective Grip 16mm (5/8in)

To fit size 16mm (5/8 in) shank.

£4.03 excl VAT

Black Protective Grip 19mm (3/4in)

To fit size 19mm (3/4 in) shank.

£4.03 excl VAT

Black Protective Grip 22mm (7/8in)

To fit size 22mm (7/8 in) shank.

£4.03 excl VAT