Bungee Ties/Ratchet Straps

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Bungee Cord 60cm (24in) 2 Piece

These BlueSpot Tools Bungee Cords have the following specification:

Size: 60cm (24in).
Quantity: 2 Piece.

£1.00 incl VAT

Spider Bungee 80cm

Ideal for a motorcycle or bicycle, the spider bungee with six arms does the same job as three ordinary bungees.

The rounded hook eliminates risk of scratching.

TUV certified.

Spider bungee (6 legs): 80cm.

£5.00 incl VAT

Lashing Strap with Metal Buckle Coloured 5m 150kg

The MasterLock Lashing Straps with a metal buckle supplied in a pack of 2, ONE colour supplied.

They have the following specification:

Length: 5m.
Width: 25mm.
Capacity: Lashing: 150kg, Max: 300kg.
Quantity: Pack of 1.

£4.00 incl VAT

Lifting Sling Green 2 Tonne 60mm x 2m

The Faithfull Green Lifting Sling has the following specifications:

Max Load: 2 Tonne.
Width: 60mm.
Length: 2m.

£12.00 incl VAT

Ratchet Tie-Down S Hooks 4.25m 2 Piece

Masterlock Ratchet Tie-Down with S Hooks and has the following specification:

Length: 4.25m.
Capacity: Lashing: 400kg, Max: 800kg.
Quantity: 2 Piece.

£18.00 incl VAT

Flat Bungee 120cm Dark Blue Double Hook

Colour: Blue.
Length: 120cm.
Width: 18mm.

£3.00 incl VAT

Twin Wire Bungee Cord 60cm Red 2 Piece

The MasterLock Twin Wire Bungee Cords have the following specification:

Length: 60cm.
Diameter: 8mm
Resistance Limit: 40kg.
Colour: Red.
Quantity: 2 Piece.

£2.00 incl VAT

Ball Bungee Jar 10 Piece

Masterlock Jar of 10 Bungee balls, containing the following sizes:

2 x 20cm (Green).
3 x 30cm (Dark Blue).
3 x 40cm (Light Blue).
2 x 50cm (Red).

Working capacity: 40kg.

£8.00 incl VAT

Ratchet Tie-Down 5m x 50mm Trucker Breaking Strain 4000kg

The Faithfull FAITDTRUCK52 has the following specifications:
Length: 5m
Width: 50mm
Breaking strain: 4,000kg/daN
Maximum working load: 2000kg/daN

£29.00 incl VAT