Cleaning Chemicals

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Xylene Thinner 500ml

Size: 500ml.

£6.00 incl VAT

Thompson's uPVC Liquid Restorer 480ml

Thompson's uPVC Liquid Restorer is a powerful, specially formulated cleaner which is designed to transform dirty and weathered uPVC back to white.

The powerful cleaning action removes ingrained dirt without scratching the surface and the waterbased formulation makes it safe and easy to use.

Size: 480ml.

£6.00 incl VAT

Janitol Multi Clean 5 Litre

Janitol Multi Clean is a general purpose cleaner and degreaser to remove food soilings such as oils and fats. It is suitable for use through floor cleaning machinery and pressure washers.

Contains no perfume to taint food.

£16.00 incl VAT

SCOTT® Rags On A Roll - White

SCOTT® Rags On A Roll are strong, durable, and absorbent. They are ideal for painting and staining projects, cleaning up and furniture polishing and maintenance.

Fits a standard towel holder for convenient dispensing of a fresh, clean towel.

£4.00 incl VAT

Brass Restorer 125ml

Rustins Brass Restorer is ideal for restoring exterior brass door furniture, which may be cleaned by applying with a brush or dipping small items.

Also may be used for cleaning copper and bronze.

Size: 125ml.

£2.00 incl VAT

Janitol Florafresh 5 Litre

Janitol Florafresh is a fragrant disinfectant cleaner, specially formulated to clean and disinfect toilets, urinals, floors, walls, wash basins, shower cubicles and refuse areas.

Removes the cause of malodours and is suitable for use with cloth, mop, hand sprayer or pressure washers.

£23.00 incl VAT

Janitol Altrans 5 Litre

Janitol Altrans is a biodegradable acidic metal cleaner specifically formulated to remove rust, oxidation and corrosion from most metals. Will also dissolve concrete and mortar on tools and equipment.

£32.00 incl VAT

Thinner & Brush Cleaner 250ml

Hammerite Thinner & Brush Cleaner 250ml

£5.00 incl VAT

Brush Cleaner 300ml

Rustins Brush Cleaner is ideal for cleaning wet brushes and rollers.

This special liquid emulsifies oil paints, varnishes and polyurethane from brushes and rollers which can then be rinsed with clean water.

Size: 300ml.

£2.00 incl VAT