Insect Pest Control

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231 Insect Door Curtain

STV have produced this Gotcha insect door curtain system for unwanted flying insects in and around your home or work place.

The STV231 is a universal 4 piece insect curtain with weighted mesh panels which take 15 minutes to fit, just use the fitting bar and pads that are supplied in the fitting kit. Fit to the top of the door/s you want to protect, then if using on one opening just slightly overlap to obtain a barrier.

Fit the mesh curtain slightly larger then the space of your door frame allowing for a secure edge to stop flying insects from creeping in the sides. This STV curtain will still open easily for people and pets to pass through, then swing back into place.

The STV231 is supplied with an installation kit, and the curtain fits any hinged or sliding doorway. The material is washable and UV light resistant. The curtain will let the fresh air in, and keep the insects out.

4 piece to fits doors up to 1,000mm wide and 2,150mm drop.

£15.22 excl VAT

Ant & Crawling Insect Powder 150g

Size: 150g

£3.18 excl VAT

Ant & Crawling Insect Powder 300g

Size: 300g.

£4.38 excl VAT

Ant & Crawling Insect Spray 1 Litre

Doff Ant & Crawling Insect Spray has a rapid knockdown effect. It is easy to use and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Contains: Cypermethrin.
Size: 1 litre.

£2.80 excl VAT

Ant Killer 300g

Doff Ant Killer is a ready to use powder that kills ants and their nests. It can also be used to control other crawling insects, including woodlice, earwigs and cockroaches.

Ant Killer is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and lasts up to 3 months.

Contains: Permethrin.
Size: 300g.

£1.80 excl VAT

Ant Killer Gel Twin Pack

Ant Killer Gel bait stations contain a specially formulated gel to destroy both ants and ants nests. Ants carry this insecticidal gel deep into the nest to destroy it from within. Contains d-phenothrin.

Ant Killer Gel is designed to be used in and around your home and is effective in killing ants.

Kills ants and ants nests.

Contains 2 bait stations.

Clean and easy to use.

Always read the label and product information before use. Use biocides safely.

This product is intended for indoor use only.

£3.45 excl VAT

Carpet Moth & Beetle Killer Powder

Rentokil Carpet Moth and Beetle Killer Powder provides fast, effective control of carpet moths, carpet beetles and ants in the home. It kills eggs, larvae and adult insects.

Carpet Moth and Beetle Killer Powder is ideal for carpets, rugs, fabrics and under furniture.

Contains Permethrin.

Size: 150g.

£4.28 excl VAT

Clothes Moth Glue Trap

£3.70 excl VAT

Clothes Moth Killer Spray

The Rentokil Clothes Moth Killer Spray is ready-to-use and has been designed for use in clothing storage areas and carpets. Kills clothes moths, carpet moths, carpet beetles in the home. Provides long-lasting protection.

Simply spray lightly over the areas where you have seen moth damage. Exclude children and pets while spaying and read instructions carefully.

Contains Permethrin and D-Allethrin.

£3.35 excl VAT