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BST-K-L Column Construction Tripod 98-220cm

The Stabila BST-K-L Column Construction Tripod extends between 98-220cm in height.

£189.00 incl VAT

OLS 26 Optical Level

Stabila OLS 26 Optical level with a 26-fold magnification in optical system, no batteries required to use with the focusing and adjusting screw easily accessible. It has a robust IP54 protection rated casing with easy-grip, shock-absorbing soft shell and solid protection of optical unit also in front area.

Magnification: 26-fold
Minimum focussing distance: approx. 1m
Objective lens aperture: 38mm
Protection class: IP 54
Standard deviation: < 2mm/km
View in objective: upright
Diameter of field of vision at 100 m: 2.1m
Multipication constant: 100
Addition constant: 0
Compensator accuracy: 0,5
Accuracy of height in a single measurement: 1mm/10m
Circular vial: 8'/2 mm
Horizontal circle : Partition degree
Increments: 1°
Horizontal circle: 360°

Supplied with : Optical level OLS 26, Geo-folding rule 2m, plumb line, rain protection, adjusting tools in robust carry case.

£205.00 incl VAT

NA720 Automatic Level (20x Zoom)

The Leica Geosystems NA720 Automatic Level has the following specification:

Magnification: 20x.
Telescope Image: Upright.
Type: Nitrogen Filled Telescope.
Lens Diameter: 30mm.
Shortest Target Distance: 0.5m.
Angle Measurement: 360° or 400 gon.

Distance Measurement

Multiplication Factor: 100.
Additive Constant: 0/
Circular Level: 2mm.
Horizontal Drive: Both Sides, Endless.

Accuracy (Standard Deviation)

Per km Double Levelling: 2.5mm.
Single Measurement With 30m Target Distance: 1.5mm.


Setting Accuracy: < 0.5in.
Tilt Area: ± 15.

Environmental Stresses

Drop Resistance: ISO 9022-33-5.
Water/Dust Tightness: IP 57 (Submersible).
Operating Temperature: –20 to +50°C.

Size: 19x12x12cm.
Weight: 1.6kg.

£333.00 incl VAT

Rugby 680 Rotating Gradient Laser & Rod Eye 160 Li-Ion

This Leica Rugby 680 Rotating Gradient Laser Li-Ion is supplied with:

1 x Rod Eye 160 with a 12cm (5in) detection window and 2 clear LCD displays for ease of use and automatically align your laser at the touch of a button with Laser Man.

£1,559.00 incl VAT

NA332 Optical Level 360° (32x Zoom)

The Leica Geosystems NA332 Optical Level has the following specification:


Standard Deviation for 1km Double Levelling (ISO 17123-2): 1.8mm.
Telescope Image: Upright.
Magnification: 32x.
Objective Aperture: 36mm.
Shortest Target Distance From Instrument Axis: <1.0mm.
Field of View At 100m: <2.1mm.
Multiplication Factor: 100.


Working Range: ± 15.
Setting Accuracy (Standard Deviation): < 0.5in.
Sensitivity: 2mm.

Horizontal Circle

Graduation: 360°.
Graduation Interval: 1°.
Operating Temperature Range: –20°C to +40°C.
Weight: 1.5kg.

£193.00 incl VAT

3-in-1 Detector Stud, Metal & Live Wire

This Faithfull versatile advanced electronic detector helps avoid costly mistakes caused by drilling into concealed power cables, gas or water pipes and removes any guesswork when securing fixtures, hanging pictures or fitting shelving by pinpointing a solid base for fixing.
The detector can be used to detect and locate wooded studwork, metal and AC voltage, providing a clear indication of concealed objects using the LED and buzzer indicator system. A marking groove is also provided at the top of the detector so that the surface can be marked prior to any drilling, nailing or screwdriving.

Finds wood and metal studs.
Finds and identifies a stud centre.
Finds AC voltage and scans to trace live cables.
Metal scanning to find nails, pipes, rebar and other hidden metal objects.
LED and buzzer Indicators.
9V 6F22 Alkaline battery included.

This detector may be used to carry out the following operations:
Detect metal pipes in concrete, behind ceilings, floors and walls.
Detect wooden studwork behind ceilings and walls.
Detect electrical box, exhaust vent, conduit, rebar, and ducting.
Detect and trace live cable behind ceilings, floors and walls.

Approximate detection depths:
Stud mode: Wood stud of 30x30mm: ≤14mm.
Metal mode: Iron pipe of dia. 25mm: ≤25mm.
AC mode: Typical depth of 50mm for 90-250V at 50-60Hz.

£20.00 incl VAT

58-MINI T Mini Tripod For CL2 & SP5

The Stanley Intellilevel 58-MINI T Mini Tripod can be used with the following laser levels: CL2 , SP1 , SP2 and SP5.

£12.00 incl VAT

REC 300 Digital Receiver To Suit LAR200 & LAR250

The Stabila REC 300 Receiver has two displays: one each on the front and back for fast measuring and taking readings in any position. Digital display of the reference deviation in mm, in, in (fractions) and ft. Allowing you to read the deviation from the reference height directly in figures, for faster and more precise correction of strut positions and concrete levels.

A series of symbols indicate your distance from the reference height and whether you are too high or low. Two sensitivity levels simplify setting-up over longer or shorter distances. If you also switch on the acoustic signals, you can select two volume levels. Its loud signal can be heard even with a loud background noise.

Compatible with: LAR200 & LAR250 lasers.

£331.00 incl VAT

LAR 350 Rotation Laser

The Stabila LAR 350 Rotation Laser is a fully automatic motor-driven rotation laser for horizontal and vertical applications as well as manual inclination in two axes. With innovative motion control for quick, reliable and convenient laser operation via the supplied remote control. It has several useful functions, including:

Dual slope inclination function allows for controlled inclination setting of up to 5° on two axes.

Section mode enables you to set up a working area, meaning that the laser beam is only emitted in a defined area.

Manual alignment function provides a pivoting axis in vertical operation.

The integrated LED assist system allows for easy operation and safety in the workplace. It alerts the user at various points, for example, which axis is currently tilted or is being tilted.

The body of the laser is IP65 rated, waterproof and dust proof. It also incorporates the patented STABILA PROTECTOR system, offers the maximum protection, even when the laser is dropped from a tripod at a height of up to 1.80m.

Supplied with the Stabila REC300 Receiver which has two displays: one each on the front and back with digital display of the reference deviation in mm, inches in (fractions) and ft. Allowing you to read the deviation from the reference height directly. Acoustic guidance with selectable volume and a series of symbols, will indicate your distance from the reference height and whether you are too high or low. Its loud signal can be heard even with a loud background noise.

Also supplied with: 1 x RC-LAR 350 Remote Control, 1 x 90° Angle Rail, 1 x Pair of Laser Goggles, 1 x Target Plate, 2 x 1.5V D Cell Batteries, 4 x 1.5V AA Batteries.


Levelling Accuracy: ±0.10mm/m
Range: 800m
Self-Levelling Range: ± 5°
Laser Class: 2
Operating Life: 80 hours
Battery: 2 x 1.5V D Cell Batteries (Supplied)
Protection Class: IP65
Tripod Connection: 5/8in

£1,358.00 incl VAT