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1/4in Thread Tilting Head Camera Tripod 44 - 119cm

The Stanley Intellilevel Tilting Head Camera Tripod extends between 44 - 119cm in height. It is compact and stable with a tilting plate for wider versatility and integrated levelling.

£25.97 excl VAT

1-77-184 Floor to Ceiling 4 Section Laser Pole

The Stanley Intelli Tools 1-77-184 Floor to Ceiling Laser Pole is supplied as 4 detacheable sections that screw together, one section is telescopic and is extendable up to 3.25m. Both end pieces feature detachable spring feet. The mounting bracket accepts both 1/4in and 5/8in thread lasers.

Compatiable with: CL-90.

£54.27 excl VAT

2270115 Telescopic Tripod For Laser Levels

The Einhell Tripod has 3 sectioned, telescopic legs that extend from 37cm to a maximum of 110cm. Suitable for the TC-LL 1, TC-LL 2 & TE-LL 360 Lasers.

£19.52 excl VAT

3-in-1 Detector Stud, Metal & Live Wire

This Faithfull versatile advanced electronic detector helps avoid costly mistakes caused by drilling into concealed power cables, gas or water pipes and removes any guesswork when securing fixtures, hanging pictures or fitting shelving by pinpointing a solid base for fixing.
The detector can be used to detect and locate wooded studwork, metal and AC voltage, providing a clear indication of concealed objects using the LED and buzzer indicator system. A marking groove is also provided at the top of the detector so that the surface can be marked prior to any drilling, nailing or screwdriving.

Finds wood and metal studs.
Finds and identifies a stud centre.
Finds AC voltage and scans to trace live cables.
Metal scanning to find nails, pipes, rebar and other hidden metal objects.
LED and buzzer Indicators.
9V 6F22 Alkaline battery included.

This detector may be used to carry out the following operations:
Detect metal pipes in concrete, behind ceilings, floors and walls.
Detect wooden studwork behind ceilings and walls.
Detect electrical box, exhaust vent, conduit, rebar, and ducting.
Detect and trace live cable behind ceilings, floors and walls.

Approximate detection depths:
Stud mode: Wood stud of 30x30mm: ≤14mm.
Metal mode: Iron pipe of dia. 25mm: ≤25mm.
AC mode: Typical depth of 50mm for 90-250V at 50-60Hz.

£20.89 excl VAT

5 Section Aluminium Grade Rod 5m

The Stanley Intellilevel 5 Section Aluminium Grade Rod designed to provide height and distance readings used in conjunction with optical levels, rotating lasers and line lasers. It is extendable up to 5m, graduated in cm and mm. Made from strong, lightweight aluminium for durability.

£55.90 excl VAT

5/8in Thread Aluminium Tripod 97-160cm

This Stanley Aluminium Tripod has legs that extend independently for use on uneven ground, extends between 97-160cm in height.

Suitable for use with Auto Levels , Multiline Laser and Rotating Lasers.

£77.95 excl VAT

58-MINI T Mini Tripod For CL2 & SP5

The Stanley Intellilevel 58-MINI T Mini Tripod can be used with the following laser levels: CL2 , SP1 , SP2 and SP5.

£12.99 excl VAT

BDL120 Manual Laser Level

The Black & Decker BDL120 Manual Laser Level projects a laser line along the wall. large bubble vials and back lights allow levelling in both horizontal and vertical modes. The unit will rotate 360° on the wall, allowing line generation in any direction.

Ideal for installing shelves, hanging curtain rods and blinds, hanging pictures, hanging a series of pictures and hanging ornamental objects at the same level.

£26.23 excl VAT

BST-K-L Column Construction Tripod 98-220cm

The Stabila BST-K-L Column Construction Tripod extends between 98-220cm in height.

£189.09 excl VAT