Planer/Thinessers & Spindle Moulder

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0220-D Iron for 0120/0220/09.1/2/060.1/2

0220-D Iron for 0120/0220/09.1/2/060.1/2
£13.18 excl VAT

04 Smoothing Plane 50mm (2in)

04 Smoothing Plane 50mm (2in)
£73.27 excl VAT

778-D Iron for 778 Plane

IRWIN Record replacement single iron for the 778 Rebate Plane.

Size: 38mm (1 1/2 in).

£14.51 excl VAT

Carpenters Tool Kit 5 Piece in Wooden Box

The Faithfull Carpenters Tool Kit has been specially commissioned to provide the essentials you need for working with wood.

All the tools are made to the highest quality from the finest hardwood, brass and steel.

The set includes:

Traditional No.4 Smoothing Plane
60.1/2 Block Plane
230mm Try Square
230mm Sliding Bevel
Mortice and Marking Gauge

They all come with the confidence of a 5-year guarantee.

This is a super gift for the professional, enthusiast or apprentice.

Presented in a hinged wooden case.

£83.51 excl VAT

Carpenters Tool Set of 7

The Faithfull 7 Piece Carpenters Tool Set is supplied in a padded carry bag. All seven tools are made to the highest quality from the finest hardwood, brass and steel. Supplied in a sturdy carrying and storage case.

Carpenters 7 piece kit comprising of:

1 x No.4 Plane.
1 x 601/2 Block Plane.
1 x Spokeshave.
1 x Try Square 225mm (9in).
1 x Sliding Bevel 225mm (9in).
1 x Marking Knife 175mm (7in).
1 x Mortice & Marking Gauge 150mm (6in).

£91.45 excl VAT

CR/PB29 Craftpro Planer Blades 82mm

Trend Craft Pro solid carbide planer blades are manufactured from high grade carbide and are supplied in pairs.

They are precision ground with two cutting edges and reversible for extended life.

Suitable for:

AEG (Atlas Copco): EH82, EH82.1, EH700, EH822,H750, H500, EH3-82, EH800, EH450.Black & Decker: BD710, DN710, DN720, BD711, KW712, KW713, KW725, BD713, BD725.
Bosch: PH02-82, PH03-82/B, PH015-82, PH016-82, PH025-82, PH030-82, PH0100, PH0150, PH0200, PH300, 1592-9, GH0282, GH31-82, GH036-82C.
Casals: CE82, CE98ACE.
DEWALT: DW677, DW678K, DW678EK, DW680, D26500, D26501.
Draper: PT682, P882.
Felisatti: TP282.
Ferm: FP82.
Freud: FE82, FE82VCE.
Haffner: FH224.
Hitachi: F20, FU20, P20V, P20SA.
Holz-Her: 2321, 2321-S, 2322, 2223.
Hafell: EHU82, MHU82, MHU82S, MHU82D.
Makita: M102, 1900, 1900B, 1901, 1125, 1100, 1923, 1923BD, 1923H, 1902, FB0800.
Metabo: EXPERT, 4382, HO0882, HO8382.
Nutool: NPT82.
Perles: SK82A.
Peugeot: RA82CS, RA400, RA3/82.
Ryobi: L282, L1323A,HL-82, L-1835, L180, GH014, EPN-7582.
Skil: 92H, 94H, 95H, 96H, 97H.
Wolf/Kango: 8614, 8057, 8108.

Some Makita, Ryobi, Hitachi and Wolf/Kango planers require a conversion kit (ref PB/CK/119).


Length: 82mm.
Width: 5.5mm.
Thickness: 1.1mm.

£9.38 excl VAT

D26500K Planer in Kit Box 1050W 110V

The DEWALT D26500K Professional Planer 110V Version

£416.18 excl VAT

D26500K Planer in Kit Box 1050W 240V

The DEWALT D26500K Professional Planer 240V Version

£416.18 excl VAT

D27300 Planer Thicknesser 2100W 240V

DEWALT D27300 Professional Planer Thicknesser has a high quality robust design with no-volt release switch, motor overload protection and cutter block guard for safe working. Large extruded aluminium top planing table for high accuracy and ease of use.

Intergrated 2200 Watt motor design to save space and improve transportation. New control design to improve ease of use and accuracy of adjustment. Large aluminium fence for accurate bevel angles in the surface planing mode.


Input Power: 2,100 Watt.
No Load Speed: 6,200/min.
Feed rate: 5m/min.
Chip removal: Planing 0-4mm.
Passage height/width: 160mm.
Planer Table Size: 1000 x 260mm.
Thicknesser Table Size: 500 x 250mm.
Max. Thicknesser Capacity: 160mm.
Size (H x L x D): 950 x 1050 x 700mm.
Weight: 53kg.

£2,377.20 excl VAT