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O Ring Imperial Selection Box 225 Piece

This Arctic Hayes O Ring Selection Box contains 18 different universal imperial O-Ring sizes. These nitrile rings resist heat, most petroleum and silicone fluids, hydraulic and non-aromatic fuels and solvents. Supplied in a PVC case and contains the following:

20 of each size: 1/8 x 1/4in, 5/32 x 9/32in & 3/16 x 5/16in.

15 of each size: 7/32 x 11/32in, 1/4 x 3/8in, 5/16 x 7/16in.

10 of each size: 3/32 x 15/64in, 3/8 x 1/2in, 5/8 x 3/4in, 3/8 x 9/16in, 7/16 x 5/8in, 1/2 x 11/16, 9/16 x 3/4in, 5/8 x 13/16in, 11/16 x 7/8in, 3/4 x 15/16in, 3/4 x 1in & 13/16 x 11/16in.

£8.00 incl VAT

3022I Fitting Cleaning Brush 22mm

Monument Fitting Cleaning Brushes have stiff steel bristles for cleaning copper fittings and socket formed joints.

Ideal for copper pipe prior to soldering.

£4.00 incl VAT

173 Stiffnuts Pro Kit (10 Piece)

Monument 173 has been especially designed for removing stiff backnuts from awkward placed taps and to make tap installation a more rapid process, this tool is for 1/2-inch. BSP and 3/4-inch. BSP taps. The Monument 170 tool stays in position on the tap tail so can be used with one hand and uses mechanical advantage of the thread of the tap tail to remove stiff nuts.

Ideal for 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch BSP 25 mm 27 mm nuts 29 mm ribbed 32 mm nuts. The MON173 is complete with 3/8-inch cordless drill adaptor, 1/2-inch square drive, extension tube and full user instructions.

For removing stiff backnuts and rapid tap installation for 1/2-inCH. BSP and 3/4-inch. BSP Taps.Tool stays in position on the tap tail. Uses mechanical advantage of the thread of the tap tail to remove stiff nuts.

Monument Stiffnuts Professional Boxed Kit.
1/2-inch. and 3/4-inch. BSP 25 mm 27 mm nuts 29 mm ribbed 32 mm nuts. Complete with 3/8-inch. Cordless drill adaptor, 1/2-inch. Square Drive; Extension tube and full instructions.

£71.00 incl VAT

331E Crutch End Domestic Stopcock Key

The Monument 331E Crutch End Domestic Stopcock Key has been designed for turning on and off hard-to-reach or difficult stopcocks, such as under kitchen units, sinks and stiff to turn outside taps. The design provides increased leverage and is supplied with a removable tommy bar in hexagon shaft. This allows it to connect to a socket and ratchet handle for ease of use in difficult corners.

£5.00 incl VAT

Burner - Pin Point for PRM8716

Primus 8720 Pin Point Burner
For use with 8716 and 21951
14mm Diameter.
For light brazing and copper pipes up to 10mm.
Brass construction.

£12.00 incl VAT

365F Internal / External Pipe End Deburrer up to 35mm

Monument Internal / External Pipe End Deburrer is capable of deburring pipes up to 35mm in diameter.

£6.00 incl VAT

8708 Hot Air Burner

The Sievert 8708 Hot Air Burner has been designed for shrinking and paint stripping. It produces a powerful, wind stable hot-air stream.

For use with the 253501, 253511 and 253547 Powerjet.

Diameter: 38mm.

£70.00 incl VAT

1517A Long Reach Magnetic PH2 Screwdriver 300mm

This Monument 1517A Screwdriver has a long reach phillips blade with magnetic tip, making it suitable for mounting screws at the rear of boilers.

£5.00 incl VAT

1279Y Hose To Suit 257C 1 Metre (Carded)

Monument Black replacement hose to fit Gas Test Gauges.

Length: 1 Metre (carded).

Note: Do not use this hose for LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas).

£3.00 incl VAT