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15L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit in Clip-top Bag

15 litre Spill Kit in Clip-close bag. For use on leaks and spills in the workplace for quick and efficient clean-up. The kit includes absorbent socks to contain spills and protect drains and absorbent pads to soak up spilled liquids. Disposal bag and zip-tie included. Instructions for use clearly displayed on exterior label. Oil & Fuel • Hydraulic oil • Engine oil • Lubricating oil • Solvents • Will not absorb water
£15.59 excl VAT

1670N Splashstoppa Cement Mixer Lid

The 1670 Splash Stoppa is designed to make cleaning cement mixers safer.

It also reduces the possibility of staining, corroding and damage to vehicles, either parked or mobile. Its innovative design also prevents damage to patios, paths, buildings and clothing. It is constructed of a durable Polymer material that conforms to British Standards, is easy to clean and easy to fit due to the external handles. It can be fixed whilst mixing or cleaning and will fit all standard cement mixers, no matter how old, having a special seal for snug and secure fitting.

The Splash Stoppa will withstand most conditions on building sites, and fits most mixers, even battered ones.

Minimum internal drum diameter - 390mm

£16.88 excl VAT

20L Oil Only Spill Response Kit barrel bag

20 L Oil spill response kit supplied in a vinyl holdall bag great for indoor and outdoor use with easy carry strap. 12 x Premier Pads 50cm x 40cm, 2 x Premier 1.2mtr Socks, 2 x Waste Bags & Ties
£40.07 excl VAT

240 Litre Black Wheelie Bin

Strong, durable, lightweight two-wheeled bin. Small capacity bin for use where space is limited.
£51.97 excl VAT

Drip Pan 53 x 40 x 9.5cm 16 Litre

This Scan Drip Pan is ideal for catching drips and leaks. It is made from tough, impact resistant plastic making it durable and long lasting.

The pan feaures a pouring spout for safe and easy emptying.

Holds up to 16 litres

Dimensions: Length 53cm x Width 40cm x Height 9.5cm.

£15.94 excl VAT

Drip Tray 59 x 59 x 7cm 28 Litre

This Scan Drip Tray is ideal for catching drips and leaks from vehicles, machinery and hoses. It is made from tough impact resistant plastic, making it durable and long-lasting. Prevents floor contamination and the need for cleaning.

Holds up to 28 litres

Dimensions: Length 59cm x Width 59cm x Height 7cm.

£18.21 excl VAT

Land Boom 12cm x 3m Rope, Clips Rings & Net, Poly wrapped

General Purpose absorbent Land Booms. For use on all non-hazardous liquids. Place at the base of leaking machinery to absorb leaks on contact and reduce the spread of contamination. Place around drains to reduce the spread of potential pollutants, at the edge of pooled liquids and around containers to contain and absorb leaks and spills. • Robust outer net to allow ingress of contaminants • Super absorbent fill, held in place by an inner skin • Strong inner rope along the length of the boom for added strength during handling • Hooks and rings at each end to allow overlapping and coupling together
£49.96 excl VAT

Paper Towel Wiping Roll

This Scan paper roll is essential for all cleaning and wiping tasks. Comes in a ready-to-use centre feed dispenser to keep rolls clean and dry.

The roll measures 20cm x 150 metres.

£9.06 excl VAT

Spill Kit 18 Litre Chemical

This Scan spill Kit absorbs acid, solvents and strong chemicals. Absorbs up to 18 Litres. It contains high performance absorbent pads and socks and is ideal for laboratories and workshops.

This kit includes 10 high performance absorbent pads (40 x 50 cm), 2 high performance absorbent socks (8 x 120 cm) and 1 disposal bag with tie.

£33.70 excl VAT