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249.G4 Sheathed Drift Punch 4mm

The FCM249G4
Point diameter: 3.95mm.
Length: 190mm.

£8.00 excl VAT

Centre Punch 1.5mm (1/16in) - Square Head

Point Diameter: 1.5mm (1/16in)
Length: 100mm (4 in)

£2.00 excl VAT

Sheet Metal Punch 28.3mm

Key Type.MB. 8mm hexagonal wrench

£9.00 excl VAT

Parallel Pin Punch 4mm (5/32in)

Length: 150mm (6 in).
Size: 4mm (5/32 in).

£5.00 excl VAT

Sheet Metal Punch 12.7mm

Key Type. 6mm hexagonal wrench

£7.00 excl VAT

FatMax® Interchangeable Nail Set

Stanley 158501 FatMax® Interchangeable Nail Set with two nail set sizes (1/32in and 1/16in). Bi-material grip for comfort and reduced slipping. 1/4in locking system accepts standard screwdriver bits.

£7.00 excl VAT

Number Punch Set 8mm

Size : 8mm (5/16 in).

£14.00 excl VAT

565D Pin Punch 4mm (5/32in)

Size 4mm (5/32 in)

£4.00 excl VAT

Nail Punch 2.5mm (3/32in)

Tip size: 2.5 mm (3/32in).

Length: 125 mm (5in).

£3.00 excl VAT