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223S Inner-Outer Reamer 6 - 40mm 29983

RIDGID 223S EN Inner-Outer Reamer

Capacity: 6 - 40mm (1/4 - 1.1/4in).
Weight: 0.34kg.

£56.98 excl VAT

227S Inner-Outer Reamer 12-54mm 29993

RIDGID 227S Inner-Outer Reamer

Capacity: 12-54mm (1/2 - 2in).
Weight: 0.56kg.

£94.29 excl VAT

5T Repairman's Reamer T-Handle 3-12mm

1 x G & J Halls 5T Repairman's Reamer T-Handle

£39.77 excl VAT

HB3 Handiburr Pipe Reamer 10-34mm

The Halls HB3 Handiburr Pipe Reamer made from high-quality tool steel, suitable for electrical conduit tube and 15mm and 22mm copper tube.

Size: 10-34mm (3/8 - 1.5/16in).
Fluted: 6.
Angle: 40°.

£32.35 excl VAT

HB4 Handiburr Taper Reamer 3-12mm

The Halls HB4 Handiburr Taper Reamer manufactured from high-quality tool steel designed for finishing or reparing holes in panels, sheet metal or any other materials, while maintaining concentricity and circularity.

Size: 3 - 12mm (1/8 - 1/2in).
Fluted: 6.
Angle: 8°.

£29.51 excl VAT