Rodent Control

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Super Rat & Mouse Killer Wax Blocks

Pest-Stop Systems Super Rat & Mouse Killer Wax Blocks are especially effective in damp areas.

To be used in tamper-resistant bait stations for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings. Legally compliant. Contains the powerful active ingredient bromadiolone.

Packed into plastic tubs for freshness and security. Each tub contains 15 x 20g blocks.

£5.00 incl VAT

Mouse & Rat Odour Sachet

The Rentokil Mouse and Rat Odour Sachets are highly fragranced to mask the smell left by mice, rats and other pests in and around the home. The easy to use sachets are long lasting and contain no poisons.

Ideal for use under floorboards or behind walls.

Lasts up to 6 weeks

How to use:

Follow the on pack instructions.
Remove the outer foil and place the sachet in the desired location.
To remove, simply pick up (if possible) and dispose in a bin with a secure lid.

Where to use:

This product is intended for home and garden use. Ideal under floorboards and behind walls. Always read the label before use.

£2.00 incl VAT

Sonic Mouse & Rat Repeller

STV have produced the well known Big Cheese brand of pest control systems for a wide range of unwanted guests in and around your home or work place.

STV717 sonic mouse and rat repeller simply plugs in to any household socket and will give your home protection 24/7 using ultrasonic sound waves, up to 400 square feet (37 square metres). It is safe for use around cats and dogs.

The STV717 is a maintenance-free unit you need to do nothing to the unit just plug in and switch on for full protection, and it has a low cost operation.
There is a test button fitted to the front and halo-red LED for easy checking of operation.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst these units are not harmful to domestic pets such as hamsters and gerbils, they will be able to hear them.

£16.00 incl VAT

Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait, 4 Sachets

4 x Sachets of Rentokil Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait

Kills up to 20 mice or 8 rats.

£4.00 incl VAT

Rat Killer Outdoor Bait Box

Rentokil Rat Killer Outdoor Bait Box is an easy-to-use pre-baited rat bait box for safer baiting in and around the home and garden.

- Contains 3 pre-formed blocks secured inside the bait station
- Reduces the risk of other wildlife, pets or children tampering with the baits
- Ideal for outdoor areas
- Fully reusable - can be refilled after initial bait has been taken
- Kills up to 5 rats

Contains Brodifacoum.

£16.00 incl VAT

Little Nipper Rat Trap Box of 6 (Loose)

PRCPSLNR Little Nipper rat traps are supplied as a box of 6.

£16.00 incl VAT

Mouse Bait Station

The Rentokil Mouse Bait Station keeps bait out of the reach of children, pets and non-target animals. A strong secure mouse bait station for use with all Rentokil baits. Fully reusable and supplied with a key.

Must be used by legislation when using poisons to kill mice.

Made in the UK.

£3.00 incl VAT

Easy Set Rat Trap Box

The Pest-Stop Systems Easy Set Rat Trap is a powerful trap contained in a secure box for optimum safety. It is ultra hygienic, keeps the rat contained for easy disposal. Impact and tamper resistant box. Perfect for homes with small children or pets.

Simple to set and easy-to-use.

£9.00 incl VAT

Snap Trap (Blister)

PRCPSSTMB Snap Traps are supplied as a blister pack of 1.

£2.00 incl VAT