Roofing Tools

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Roofing Scraper - Long Handled 1.4m (54 in)

The Faithfull FAIHDRS heavy-duty roofing scraper with a 175mm (7 inch) wide one-piece solid steel forged blade and a 1.4m (54 inch) wooden handle. The scraper can be re-sharpened with a hand file.

The Faithfull FAIHDRS weighs 2.25kg and is ideal for heavy-duty scraping including roofing felt removal, chopping, paint removal and digging or cutting tree roots.

£28.00 excl VAT

Heavy-Duty Batten Lifter

Heavy-duty roof batten remover with up to 1 tonne resistance, with a soft grip handle.

£29.00 excl VAT

Slater Ripper - One Piece Forged

The Roughneck Slaters' Ripper is ideal for removing slates without lifting them. The ripper is made from heavy-duty, one-piece solid forged steel, with a black, anti-rust finish. The cranked handle can be struck with a hammer to apply extra force.

£21.00 excl VAT

Repair Kit For 0320 & 0310

Repair kit for 0320 and 0310 slate cutters.

£6.00 excl VAT

Slaters Axe Right Hand

The handle is offset for right hand use.

£23.00 excl VAT

Slaters Axe Left Hand

The handle is offset for left hand use.

£23.00 excl VAT

Large Natural Slate Guillotine Machine

Large slate guillotine which cuts up to 12mm (1/2in) thick natural slates in one easy action.

Suitable for cutting natural slate only.

Overall length: 840mm (33in).
Weight: 8.1kg (18lb).

£136.00 excl VAT

Slater Ripper

For sliding under slates to pull out or sheer off fixing nails prior to replacing with new slates. Fitted with a flexible steel blade with PVC grip.

£15.00 excl VAT

Professional Slate Cutter Service Kit

Service Kit for the Faithfull Professional Slate Cutter (FAISLATECUT).

£9.00 excl VAT