Roofing Tools

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Heavy-Duty Batten Lifter

Heavy-duty roof batten remover with up to 1 tonne resistance, with a soft grip handle.

£29.29 excl VAT

Large Natural Slate Guillotine Machine

Large slate guillotine which cuts up to 12mm (1/2in) thick natural slates in one easy action.

Suitable for cutting natural slate only.

Overall length: 840mm (33in).
Weight: 8.1kg (18lb).

£136.84 excl VAT

Pro Mat Coup Slate Guillotine Machine

Guillotine type heavy-duty roof slate tile cutter of 210mm (8.1/4in) capacity. Designed to cut slates up to 7mm (9.3/2in) thick.

The frame is fitted with a mounting hook for fixing to lathes or a bench.

£47.11 excl VAT

Professional Slate Cutter 35mm

This Faithfull Professional Slate Cutter is a convenient, hand operated plier type slate cutter with a hardened steel blade,. It is suitable for cutting and trimming natural slate and fibre cement shingles to the correct size.

The cutter has a 35mm single stroke cutting capacity that will cut slate up to 3mm thick. It also features an integral nail punch that can be used to produce fixing holes of 3.2mm diameter up to 60mm from the edge the tile.

The added convenience of a quick cutting action is assured by a spring loaded return action, along with soft grip handles to provide the user with extra comfort during prolonged periods of use. For safe storage, the cutter can be locked in the closed position using the convenient safety catch.

This slate cutter is ideal for cutting and nibbling slates for fine fits in awkward positions, up on the roof where manoeuvring a full size slate cutter would be difficult, easily carried in a nail pouch.

Maximum cutting length: 35mm per single cut.
Cutting width: 3mm, 3.2mm hole punch.
Overall length: 300mm (12in).

£40.41 excl VAT

Professional Slate Cutter Service Kit

Service Kit for the Faithfull Professional Slate Cutter (FAISLATECUT).

£9.21 excl VAT

Repair Kit For 0320 & 0310

Repair kit for 0320 and 0310 slate cutters.

£6.86 excl VAT

Roofing Scraper - Long Handled 1.4m (54 in)

The Faithfull FAIHDRS heavy-duty roofing scraper with a 175mm (7 inch) wide one-piece solid steel forged blade and a 1.4m (54 inch) wooden handle. The scraper can be re-sharpened with a hand file.

The Faithfull FAIHDRS weighs 2.25kg and is ideal for heavy-duty scraping including roofing felt removal, chopping, paint removal and digging or cutting tree roots.

£28.39 excl VAT

Slate & Punch Cutter

This Roughneck Slate Cutter has spring loaded handles and hole punch. It is suitable for cutting and trimming natural and fibre cement slate.

£42.05 excl VAT

Slater Ripper

For sliding under slates to pull out or sheer off fixing nails prior to replacing with new slates. Fitted with a flexible steel blade with PVC grip.

£15.54 excl VAT