Security Chains

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Lockout Standard Hasp 25mm Steel Red

Masterlock’s range of electrical Lock out hasps are practical, flexible and hard wearing and used when multiple numbers of workers are operating in the area. They can be used in a variety of locations for a broad range of lockout tasks.

This Steel Red Lockout Hasp enables lock-out by multiple workers to keep the equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are made. It has a steel body with vinyl coated handle, and can hold up to 6 padlocks.

Max shackle diameter: 6.35mm.
Jaw diameter: 25mm.
Dimensions: 44mm x 114mm

£5.00 excl VAT

8KS/85 Security Chain Length 85cm Link Diameter 8mm

Link Thickness: 8mm
Chain Length: 850mm
Inside link: 13mm

£32.00 excl VAT

CP36PR Security Chain 90cm x 6.5mm

Chain length: 900mm.
Link diameter: 6.5mm.
Chain material: hardened mild steel.

Type: CP36PR.

£10.00 excl VAT

CRITERION™ High Security Chain with Mini U-Bar 90cm x 10mm

MasterLock 8239E CRITERION™ High Security Chain is a hardened steel chain with Mini-U Bar. It has 10mm octagonal links, which deliver a strong cutting resistance. A dual locking mechanism provides an additional level of security.

CRITERION™ locks are dedicated to all cycling enthusiasts in guaranteeing the highest level of protection against theft.

Patented octagonal shackle is unique and patented, the 8-sided extra thick shackle not only offers maximum resistance to cutting but also delivers significant resistance to pulling/prying.

All Master Lock bike locks with locking mechanism have a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure.

Length: 900mm.
Diameter: 10mm.
Type: Chain and U Lock.

U Lock dimensions (H/D): 46/14mm.
Clearance: 42mm.

£73.00 excl VAT

10KS/200 Security Chain Length 200cm Link Diameter 10mm

Made from a hardened special chain steel, providing top scurity against all types of aggresive attacks. The fabric sleeve prevents paint work and chrome from damage.

Colour: Black

£96.00 excl VAT

Y3 Square Section Hardened Steel Chain 90cm x 10mm

Size 900 x 10mm

£18.00 excl VAT

8012E Hardened Steel Chain 1.5m x 6mm

Size: 1.5m x 6mm.

£16.00 excl VAT

G3 Round Section Hard Boron Alloy Chain 90cm x 10mm

Henry Squire G3 Round Section Hard Boron Alloy Chain is part of the Stronghold range of Squire chains. These chains offer very high security. Ideal for locking perimeter gates, substations, heavy goods vehicles etc. These chains would be recommended where there is an increased health and safety risk to the public or employees. Any chain displaying the Sold Secure logo has to undergo extensive and prolonged attack tests.

This range has achieved Silver, proving that they are worthy of the respected Stronghold name. CRIMESTOPPERS supported.

Size: 900 x 10mm.

£41.00 excl VAT

Padlock & Chain 1m x 9.5mm

The Faithfull FAIPLCHSET is ideal for securing site equipment, gates, motorbikes and other similar items to guard against theft. It has a heavy-duty 9.5mm square profile chain, 1 metre in length and has nylon sleeves which protects painted surfaces from scratches.
Complete with 4 keys.

£26.00 excl VAT