Soaps and Handwash

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Black Box® Heavy-Duty Trade Hand Wipes (150)

Swarfega Black Box® Heavy-Duty Trade Hand Wipes remove paint, seam sealers and resins. Impregnated with a hi-tech silicone free formulation. For use in the paintshop or at the mobile work station.

Contains 150 wipes.

£23.23 excl VAT

Deb Estesol Lotion Pure 2L

Perfume-free and dye-free lotion hand cleanser for regular use to remove general dirt and grime.
£12.00 excl VAT

Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser 1L

Instant sanitising action kills 99.999% of many germs and bacteria in just 15 seconds. Fits both Deb Sanitise 1000 and Deb InstantFOAM 1000 dispensers. Size: 1 Litre.
£17.28 excl VAT

Deb Stokoderm Protect Pure 1L

Universal pre-work skin Cream to help protect the skin against contact with water and non-water based contaminants.
£20.72 excl VAT

Deb Stokolan Light Pure 1L

Perfume-free and dye-free, highly effective mild after-work conditioning Cream to provide effective skin care whether skin is dry, sore, chapped or in normal condition.
£22.61 excl VAT

Deb Sun Protect SPF 30, UVA 5 Star, 100ML

PROTECT YOUR WORKFORCE against contact with various workplace contaminants and working conditions.
£7.41 excl VAT

Decking Cleaner 5 Litre

Swarfega Decking Cleaner has a high strength formula which cuts through grease and grime. It can be used on outdoor areas for general cleaning of UPVC conservatories and caravans. As well as many applications.

Compatible - Suitable for use on all decking types including wood and timber.

Fast and Effective - Removes grimy build-up found on exterior decking.

Rejuvenates - Restores the original look of tired decking. Brings out the natural colour.

Versatile Use - Can be pre-diluted into a bucket and applied with mop or brush, alternatively can be used through a portable pressure washer

£13.30 excl VAT

Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner 4.5 Litre

Size: 4.5 litre tub.

£26.39 excl VAT

Lemon Hand Cleaner Pump Top Bottle 4 Litre

Swarfega Lemon is a solvent-free hand cleaner containing natural cornmeal scrubbing agents to remove oil, grease and general soilings quickly and effectively. Also contains moisturiser to help care for skin.

The pump encourages controlled dosages, one push is enough for a hand wash and prevents the product from cross-contamination.

£25.55 excl VAT