Soaps and Handwash

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Skin Safety Cradle Hand Cleanser Starter Kit

The Swarfega Cradle Complete Starter Kit is convenient in that it can be installed in areas of limited space, it is easy to use and economical - giving up to 750 applications for each cartridge.

The Kit contains the following;

CRH36V: No water required, works rapidly to remove soiling, dermatologically tested.

CRC340: Universal pre work cream for dry and wet work to protect against contaminants, perfume free non greasy. Proven anti-bacterial activity – Helps protect the skin against contact with contaminants often associated with outdoor workers.

CRA360: Alcohol based gel sanitiser, protects against bacteria and fungi, no water required. Advanced alcohol gel formula is easy-to-apply to provide an economical and convenient method of rapidly disinfecting clean skin. Excellent bacteria static activity against gram +ve and gram –ve bacteria and fungi.

£78.00 excl VAT

Deb Stokoderm Protect Pure 1L

Universal pre-work skin Cream to help protect the skin against contact with water and non-water based contaminants.
£20.00 excl VAT

Original Classic Hand Cleaner 275ml

Size : 275ml.

£3.00 excl VAT

Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser 1L

Instant sanitising action kills 99.999% of many germs and bacteria in just 15 seconds. Fits both Deb Sanitise 1000 and Deb InstantFOAM 1000 dispensers. Size: 1 Litre.
£17.00 excl VAT

Tough Shower Gel 250ml

Swarfega Tough Shower Gel has a dual action formula that removes grease and grime from hair and skin. Kind to skin but tough on dirt, it provides a deep clean leaving users feeling fresh. Supplied in a handy 250ml tube, making it perfect for people on the move.

£2.00 excl VAT

Original Classic Hand Cleaner 500ml

Size: 500ml.

£5.00 excl VAT

Lemon Hand Cleaner Pump Top Bottle 4 Litre

Swarfega Lemon is a solvent-free hand cleaner containing natural cornmeal scrubbing agents to remove oil, grease and general soilings quickly and effectively. Also contains moisturiser to help care for skin.

The pump encourages controlled dosages, one push is enough for a hand wash and prevents the product from cross-contamination.

£25.00 excl VAT