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Flux Covered Solder 100g 60/40

Blue Spot flux covered solder is suitable for electrical work and soldering.

60:40 Tin/Lead.

Weight: 100g.

£6.00 incl VAT

Replacement Tip 25w for Soldering Iron

Replacement tip to fit the Faithfull soldering iron FAISI25W.
Size : 25 watt.

£1.00 incl VAT

Replacement Tip for Soldering Gun

Replacement tip for use with Faithfull solder gun.

£1.00 incl VAT

Tinmans Solder 1 Kilo (Approx.)

Tinmans commercial grade solder. Approximately 1 Kilo.

£31.00 incl VAT

Size 10 Reel Alloy Solder 0.7mm Diameter 110g

A self-fluxing multicore solder with five cores of Ersin flux for instant wetting of joints in all electrical and electronic applications.

Type: Size 10 reel. 60/40 Solder.
Diameter: 0.7mm.

£10.00 incl VAT

WK618 60/40 Solder 1.2mm Diameter 0.5k Reel

A self-fluxing solder with five cores of Ersin Flux.
Instant wetting of joints in all electrical and electronic applications.

Size 500. Grams 60/40
Diameter. 1.2mm.

£45.00 incl VAT

Lead-Free Solder 3.25mm 99c - 500g Reel

Size: 500g reel.
Diameter: 3.25mm.

£46.00 incl VAT

Soldering Iron Kit XG120KT 120 Watt

The ideal portable soldering iron suitable for a number of domestic and industrial applications. Heat is generated by a single butane gas cartridge, avoiding the restrictions associated with conventional electric powered machines. A range of soldering tips are available to accommodate the majority of applications.

120 watt.

£83.00 incl VAT

XS25-230V Solder Iron & Plug 25W 230V S582470

This Antex soldering iron is suitable for general work, such as production lines and in the home.

Double shaft construction with ceramic inner for near perfect insulation and stainless outer for strength.

Includes plug.

25 watt.
230 volt.

£28.00 incl VAT