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GT40FS Cordless Fencing Stapler 2 x 1.6Ah NIMH Batteries

The SENCO GT40FS Cordless Fencing Stapler features cordless convenience for pole and wire fencing applications. The tool features an adjustable depth of drive for precise depth control and a custom nose for positioning the staple accurately over wire. The magazine has an easy 3-step loading sequence and a detachable release wheel for easier staple jam clearance. Fitted with a comfort grip handle and a belt hook for added convenience.

Supplied with: 2 x 1.6Ah NIMH Batteries, 1 x Charger, 1 x Belt Hook and 1 x Carry Case

Comes with a 2 Year Warranty (1 Year on Batteries)


Drives: 33 & 40mm Fencing Staples
Collation Angle: 0°
Magazine Capacity: 52 staples
Fuel Cell Size: 40g
Charge Time: 2 Hours
Operating Temperature Range: -18 to 50°C
Dimensions (LxWxH): 373 x 108 x 356mm
Weight: 3.73kg

£866.00 incl VAT

DCN681N XR Brushless 18G Narrow Crown Stapler 18V Bare Unit

The DEWALT DCN681N XR Brushless 18G Narrow Crown Stapler is supplied as a bare unit, no battery or charger.

£641.00 incl VAT

R36 Heavy-Duty Cable Tacker (No.36 Cable Staples)

The Rapid R36 stapler is ideal for securing low voltage cables (below 50V) up to 6mm diameter.

Fires Cable Staples No. 36 10mm to 14mm.

£54.00 incl VAT

T10X 2-in-1 Cable Tacker

The Stanley T10X 2-in-1 Cable Tacker fires round and flat staples for wire and general tacking. The Hi/Lo adjustment allows for use on different surfaces and the captive reload with no loose parts ensures the tacker is easy to reload.

The cable tacker also has a patented anti-jam for less down time and product failure and an easy squeeze 'less force in more power out' feature.

Fires: Type 7 CT staples

£30.00 incl VAT

21684B-E Pneumatic Wide Crown Stapler 84 Series

The Bostitch 21684B-E wide crown stapler is a professional grade headless pinner with a small compact design for better access to the workspace, variable power control and a secondary safety trigger. Suitable for furniture manufacture, ideal for moulding and trim work.

Weight 0.83 kg
Dimensions: Length 221 mm × Width 150 mm × Height 40 mm
Staple Length 4 mm (min) - 16 mm (max)
Diameter 0.5 mm (min) - 1 mm (max)
Magazine Capacity 125 (max)

Operating Pressure PSI 80 - 120 BAR 4.9 - 8.4
Air Consumption Ltr.per shot @ 5.6 bar 0.17
Noise LPA 1sd 64.4
LWA 1sd 74.0
LPA 1s, 1m 61.0
Vibration m/s2

£181.00 incl VAT

DCN681D2 XR Brushless 18G Narrow Crown Stapler 18V 2 x 2.0Ah Li-ion

The DEWALT DCN681D2 XR Brushless 18G Narrow Crown Stapler is supplied with:

2 x 18 Volt 2.0Ah Li-ion Batteries
1 x Multi-Voltage XR Charger
1 x Heavy-Duty Kitbox

£876.00 incl VAT

T59 Insulated Wiring Tacker

Arrow T59 Insulated Staple Wire Tacker with all steel construction and chrome finish which resists wear and tear. The grooved guide and driving blade ensure consistent stapling with jam resistant mechanism and a short span easy compression handle. Designed to use insulated fasteners which will not Crimp Wire, ideal for low voltage wire up to 8mm diameter, tacking TV, satellite, computer or any signal carrying cable by means of special insulated staples.

Uses Arrow T59 insulated staples.

£49.00 incl VAT

P35 Stapler Plier Type

The Arrow P35 Plier Type Stapler is a more powerful, heavy-duty version of the P22. It has a steel construction with a powerful drive for accommodating tougher materials. Designed for reaching into hard to get at places for stapling from any position or angle. Ideal for sealing and bagging applications.

Fires: P35 staples 6-8mm.

£25.00 incl VAT

SX1838-E Pneumatic Stapler 38mm 18 Gauge

The Bostitch SX1838-E stapler has user-friendly features such as dial-a-depth for quick countersinking adjustments and a selectable trigger system. It will make light work of construction stapling applications.

This rugged tool drives staples from 15 to 38 mm length and offers extreme reliability and durability, yet with low maintenance due to the oil free design.

Comes complete with 1000 fasteners and carry case.


Magazine Capacity: 100 (max).
Fires: SX Series: 12-38mm and Crowns: 5.6mm.
Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI, 4.8-8.3 Bar.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 235 × 240 × 70mm.
Weight: 1.34kg.

£187.00 incl VAT