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Big Orange Autoshampoo 5L

Turtle Wax Big Orange Autoshampoo is a quick action wash that rapidly lifts ingrained traffic film. It contains a combination of foaming detergents and orange oil, along with added rinse aids and waxes that ensure easy rinsing, and a glossy shine with no streaks. It is powerful enough to clean effectively, yet formulated to ensure no waxes are stripped.

Suitable for all paintwork surfaces including Metallic and Clear coat finishes.

Size: 5 Litre

£5.80 excl VAT

Black in a Flash Trim & Tyre Wax 300ml

Turtle Wax Black in a Flash Trim and Tyre Wax contains rich silicones and waxes that bring faded plastics back to their original condition. It is suitable for all exterior plastic, rubber, vinyl and tyres.

Black in a Flash is water-resistant to provide excellent durability. Its thick, non-drip gel gives a long-lasting deep gloss.

Size: 300ml

£3.62 excl VAT

Bug & Tar Remover 500ml

Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover is an all-in-one solution for the removal of tough exterior stains. It contains highly active detergents that break down insect debris, bird droppings and tar.

Bug & Tar Remover can be used as a pre-wash before normal car wash or as a spot cleaner. Its thixotropic formulation sprays like a liquid then gels on surface contact to increase dwell time. The Brazilian Carnauba wax provides outstanding durable protection and depth of gloss.

Size: 500ml.

£4.12 excl VAT

Carnauba Car Wax 500ml

Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax is an ultra durable wax which provides extended protection over standard waxes. It contains micro-polishing agents which work to fill swirl marks and clean scuffs. Nanotechnology silicones bond to paintwork to ensure a long-lasting even finish and solvent-based carriers ensure effortless application and minimal buffing.

Size: 500ml.

£5.08 excl VAT

Carnauba Paste Cleaner Wax, New Formula

Turtle Wax Carnauba Paste Cleaner Wax is an ultra durable wax which provides extended protection over standard waxes. It cleans deeper, protects longer and shines brighter.

The paste is enriched with premium Carnauba ingredients for a durable, water-repellent finish that will outlast competitor durability. It allows effortless application, even in direct sunlight. Micro polishers remove paint scuffs, minimise scratches and make swirl marks disappear.

The paste has a Tropical Caribbean Crush fragrance.

£7.25 excl VAT

Clean & Shine Total Exterior Detailer 500ml Trigger

Turtle Wax Clean and Shine Total Exterior Detailer is a 2-in-1 formulation that cleans and waxes without the need for water.

Its dirt-locking polymer technology encapsulates light dirt and grime for a scratch-free clean on multiple surfaces. The formula is wax enriched to produce a shiny, protective finish on all clear coats and metallic paintwork.

Size: 500ml

£4.35 excl VAT

Clearvue Glass Clean 500ml

Turtle Wax Clearvue Glass Clean is a maximum strength glass cleaning formula for both interior and exterior glass and mirrored surfaces. The formulation contains vinegar and streak free detergents to give a clear finish.

Clearvue Glass Clean is versatile enough to use on internal glass to remove tobacco stains, finger marks and grime, and is more powerful than standard household cleaners.

Ideal for use on headlights to remove ingrained grime, traffic film to improve visibility.

Size: 500ml

£3.62 excl VAT

Clearvue Rain Repellent 300ml

Turtle Wax Clearvue Rain Repellent is a solvent-based glass treatment which will dramatically improve all-weather visibility, safety and ease of driving, especially in wet conditions.

Clearvue Rain Repellent contains ultra clear silicones and solvents that leave a transparent film to repel rain, sleet and snow. All water will bead on treated surfaces and wick away to improve driver visibility. The anti-stick surface remains cleaner 3x longer than when untreated.

Size: 300ml

£4.34 excl VAT

Cockpit Cleaner Pad

Turtle Wax Cockpit Cleaner Pad offers 3-in-1 action for cleaning, restoring and protecting all interior surfaces. It is suitable for many materials including vinyl, plastic, leather and rubber.

The protection lasts for months, while leaving a light lemon fragrance.

The easy to hold pad ensures direct application to all areas with no unsightly overspray.

£1.81 excl VAT