Wood Auger Bits

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Screw Digger for No. 8 Screws

Ideal for drilling, countersinking and counterboring in one operation.

This means that a No.8 Screwdigger can be adjusted to predrill for different lengths of No. 8 Screw.

Uses 7/64in Drill Bit.

To ensure an acurate fit we suggest you use the same Plug Cutter from the Disston brand.

For No 8 screw

£4.00 incl VAT

Screwsink No.10

Cuts Size 10 (10mm)

£4.00 incl VAT

Auger Drill Bit Extension 26-40 x 450mm

Irwin Auger Drill Bit Extension 450mm 26-40mm

£57.00 incl VAT

9526-14 Combination Wood Auger Bit 14mm

Diameter: 14mm.

£12.00 incl VAT

Wood Auger Drill Bit 10 x 191mm

The Irwin IRW10502744 Auger drill bit has the following dimensions:
Drillbit diameter: 10.0mm
Total length: 191mm
Working Length: 114mm

£8.00 incl VAT

Blue Groove Wood Power Bit 28mm

Size: 28 mm.

£23.00 incl VAT

Combination Wood Auger Bit 22 x 200mm

Size. 22 mm x 200 mm.

£9.00 incl VAT

Wood Auger Drill Bit Long Series 28 x 400mm

The Irwin IRW10502779 Auger bit - long series has the following dimensions:
Drillbit diameter: 28.0mm
Total length: 400mm
Working Length: 323mm

£32.00 incl VAT

9526-28 Combination Wood Auger Bit 28mm

Diameter: 28mm.
Length: 210mm.

£24.00 incl VAT