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HDC Heavy-Duty Chisel Set of 4

The Hultafors Set of 4 HDC Heavy-Duty Chisels, that have a perfect ground blade, bevelled at 25° for the best ratio possible between sharpness and durability. It is forged in one piece with an I-beam going all the way through for extreme durability and to maximise the force transmission down to the work piece.

The entire chisel including the handle can be positioned flat against the surface for an increased number of applications. The chisel is fitted with a santoprene handle, optimised for both power and precision.

Chisels with perfect precision, sharp, heavy duty, and always close at hand. They are ready for tasks requiring extreme strength and precision. They come with a smart holster made from durable PP plastic for increased accessibility, the holster can easily be attached to a belt or on a button.

Comes with one of each size: 40mm, 32mm, 25mm and 20mm.

Each chisel is supplied in a ventilated ABS holster to protect the user and cutting edge during transportatoin.

£105.00 excl VAT

Brad Point Drill Bit 16mm

The Irwin IRW10502800 Brad Point drill bit has the following dimensions:
Drillbit diameter: 16.0mm
Total length: 178mm
Working Length: 130mm

£8.00 excl VAT

MS500 All-Purpose Chisel ProTouch Handle 16mm (5/8in)

1 x Marples MS500 Series All-Purpose Chisel ProTouch Handle 16mm (5/8in)

£10.00 excl VAT

Bevel Edge Chisel Blue Grip Set of 3

The Faithfull FAIWCBS3BC set of three blister carded bevel edge chisels have the following dimensions:
Sizes: 13, 19, and 25mm (1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch)
Blade Length: 140mm

£15.00 excl VAT

Straight Gouge Carving Chisel 25.4mm (1in)

The FAIWCARV4 Woodcarving Chisel has the following specifications:
Type: Straight gouge.
Size: 25.4 mm (1 inch).
Handle: Hardwood.

£4.00 excl VAT

HDC32 Heavy-Duty Chisel 32mm

Hultafors HDC32 Heavy-Duty Chisel 32mm

£27.00 excl VAT

Brad Point Drill Bit 20mm

The DEWALT DEWDT4520QZ Brad Point drillbit has the following dimensions:
Size: 20 x 200mm

£10.00 excl VAT

434 Bevel Edge Chisel 25mm (1in)

Size: 25mm.

£15.00 excl VAT

DynaGrip™ Bevel Edge Chisel With Strike Cap 12mm (1/2in)

1 x Stanley DynaGrip™ Bevel Edge Chisel With Strike Cap 12mm (1/2in)

£8.00 excl VAT