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X150-PLUS 585ML Extreme pure epoxy resin anchor

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• Seismic application category C1
• ETA Option 1 approval for use of threaded rod and rebar in
cracked and uncracked concrete
• ETA approval for post installed rebar
• ETA option 7 approved for diamond drilled holes
• Approved for use with standard commercial threaded
rod diameter 8 - 30 and rebar diameter 8 - 32
• Approved for overhead use
• Extreme performance pure epoxy mortar
• Designed for extreme applications, like rebar or threaded
rods in waterfilled diamond drilled holes
• Water filled holes and diamond drilled holes approved
• Shrink free
Size 585ML
Brand: Sympafix
Pack Size: 1
Product Code: CSSV00016311
£17.32 ex VAT
Total: £17.32 ex VAT
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